How to Make a Dollar Store Look Like it Has a Lot of Merchandise

How to make a dollar store look like it has a lot of merchandise is a constant challenge for those who seek success with dollar stores. After all, given the constant daily outflow of merchandise and finding out that badly needed merchandise was not shipped by your supplier, keeping the shelves looking full is a constant battle indeed. Fortunately there are steps every owner can take to temporarily hide low inventory situations. While these tactics do require some time and effort, they are effective.

Read on as I present some of the most effective tactics to use when temporarily seeking a solution about to how to make a dollar store look like it has a lot of merchandise.

Replace current peg hooks with shorter ones

As those who know how to make a dollar store look like it has a lot of merchandise will tell you, simply shortening the peg hooks is one of the quickest and easiest tactics of all. Just replace the 8″ or 10″ hooks currently being used. Use 6″ or even 4″ replacement hooks to spread the in-stock merchandise. In essence this temporary strategy will make a 50% full store look completely full – for a very short time.

Replace current shelving with narrower shelving

Just as cutting the peg hook size in half works, so too does reducing the depth of the display shelving. Narrower depth means less merchandise required to fill the shelves. Just that fast the store looks full.

Break down all bulk displays

Move bulk displayed merchandise to the aisles. One bulk display can quickly fill 2 end caps and a big length of an aisle. Just remember to create a new bulk display by adding empty boxes to the center, pulling smaller displays together or some other tactic.

Spread the merchandise

Spreading merchandise is another effective way to give your store a fuller look. Simply pull all items except the last 2-3 off of a peg hook. Pull the last 2-3 items forward on the peg hook. Next place 2-3 each on peg hooks above or below. One peg hook filled with 12 items can be used to fill 4-6 peg hooks using this strategy.

Pull all the merchandise forward

As mentioned above, just as peg hook merchandise can be pulled forward, so too can shelf displayed merchandise. Rather than 8 items deep, two rows of 4 can be created.

Add banners and signs where merchandise once was displayed

At times success with dollar stores requires creativity. This tactic involves actually removing the shelves in a section of aisle display and replacing them with a large banner or sign. This same action can be done on end caps. Just remove the top 1-2 shelves and install a sign for the merchandise below. The store looks full without adding any merchandise.

These are tactics for those who seek success with dollar stores. Just remember, if you are truly seeking success with dollar stores, nothing replaces having a store fully stocked with the right items. On the other hand, if there isn’t merchandise these tactics are helpful to those who want to know how to make a dollar store look like it has a lot of merchandise.

To your success with dollar stores!

Post time: 09-21-2017