How To Make A Good Impression To Your Customers

Picking out store fixtures and using them to design the look of your store can be hard. The customer will make a first impression as soon as they walk in the door and its important that what they see gives them a good impression. This first impression can make or break your small business, if the customer feels uncomfortable and has a bad initial opinion of the store it will be hard to change their mind.

A customer will first notice the layout of the store upon entering and because of this its important to have a clean and inviting store. Cleanliness goes a long way with any customer and helps them to feel relaxed and at home. Remember to make it a point to clean counters and sweep or vacuum floors on a daily basis. Organization in the store will help to give off a confident and clean approach. When a customer walks in and they see product on shelves with labels and easy to follow prices, it makes their shopping experience easier. If a shopping experience is easier it presents a much more relaxing and stress free shopping experience for customers.

For store fixtures, keep these guidelines in mind when setting up:

1. The best store fixtures are the displays that can show off product and look like it belongs in your store. If you are going for a high tech look for electronics, don’t use old wooden glass displays, use a modernized black or silver glass display. You don’t want to confuse customers when it comes to how to perceive your store, you want an atmosphere that is simple and easy to recognize.

2. Keep the glass displays full of product so it doesn’t look like the store is going out of business. When displays begin to empty it can look like a store is having a hard time keeping product in, a feeling that can make some customers uneasy about buying from a store.

3. Make sure the glass displays are lit up and easy to see into. Customers will have a hard time seeing items and prices in a dark display case.

4. Keep all glass clean and streak free. This can be difficult at times especially when the store is busy. Just keep this in mind and if you get a little down time, do a quick wipe down of any glass displays.

The bottom line is this: keep the customer comfortable and they’ll keep your business comfortable. Follow these tips and your business will grow and develop a long lasting customer base.

Post time: 05-12-2017