How to Make a Necklace Or Earring Stand

There many steps to follow in making handmade jewelry. There are however necklace and earring stands that can be easy to make. This article will show you how to do that. If you would rather buy a stand then you can just keep an eye out for any jewelry display update that may be published in your favorite magazine or online blog. It your budget is low then the stand below will do fine if you take your time and make it properly.

The materials you will need are:

· different kinds of templates

· black/white foam core board

· 3mm box board sheet

· glue

· double-sided black tape (12mm wide)

· tube black acrylic paint

· paint brush

· a thick card for your template

· Stanley knife

The Procedure:

1. Print out the templates; re size it if you want with the use of a photocopier.

2. Paste your template on your thick card using glue and cut out the shape.

3. Using a biro, trace the shape of your template onto a foam core board. Use a Stanley knife to cut out the shapes; if there is straight edges use a ruler.

4. The stand at the back of the template is usually a bit shorter, so the length from point to end should be 22cms. Trace this shape onto the box board then cut it out. For the earring stand, you can use the same template, just center the ruler through the point and ran a line on each side of the ruler-3cms wide and 9 cm. long.

5. Score a line after you finished cutting out the stand, about a centimeter down to make the bend. You can refer the stand to a picture frame if you aren’t sure about it.

6. Attach a piece of double sided tape to the 1cm block on the side which already has a scored line. This should be attached to the foam core.

7. Next you have to bring them both together. You will find it a bit of a juggle, but it’s ok. Then line up the two bottom edges. Don’t worry if the stand will hang out a few millimeters, it really doesn’t matter because when it’s standing upright, it won’t be seen from the front. After that, you can now attach the stand to the foam core on the other side of the tape.

8. Lastly, because the box board comes in a natural cardboard color, you have to paint it to match the white or black, have it dry for a couple of hours.

Now that you have your display unit you can showcase your jewelry items. If you have just stumbled onto this page and are not sure how to make any jewelry then there are many sites that offer easy tutorials on, how do I make a beaded snowflake, how do I make a toggle necklace etc? Just doing a quick search on jewelry making will gives you tons of new jewelry pieces that you can make.

Post time: 06-15-2017