How to Make the Perfect Display for Eyeglasses

Finding the perfect display for eyeglasses is an essential part of the promotion of a business’s products. As any eyewear retailer would explain, presentation is a big part of the industry and can make or break a sale. When choosing a display, it is important to match its design with the environment of the store as well as the interests of the customer. It may seem like a simple decision, but there are thousands of design combinations available to consider. This article will serve as an example of how this decision process could occur for an eyewear retailer looking for an ideal display for eyeglasses.

As mentioned above, any display for eyeglasses must be created with the interests of the customer in mind. For instance, let’s say that this particular business specializes in glasses for young adults. Most of the store’s wall space is already covered with display racks, but there is a new style coming in for the spring season and extra promotion is needed for this new line. Therefore, it would be wise to design a modular display for eyeglasses that can be moved anywhere on the floor space as needed. The display should be around 65″ tall in an attempt to make it convenient for customers of all heights, and should also rotate for ease of use.

A display for eyeglasses of this height comes with several multi-purpose options in its design. It is common to have the base turned into a storage compartment where cleaning supplies as well as extra inventory may be held. The capacity is usually around 88 frames for this model, but it is also very beneficial to use some of that space for accessories such as lens cleaning products and glasses cases. Along with the storage compartment in the base, these options make a display for eyeglasses very flexible for changing situations.

The final consideration will be the materials and paint that create a customized look and feel to a display for eyeglasses. Since the new line of glasses that this business is promoting appeals to young intellectuals, a light maple wood construction will make the design look classy, contrasted by brushed aluminum rails and display hooks. Finally, mirrors should be attached to make trying glasses on easy, and a distinguishable logo of the business should be added. This creates an extra level of differentiation and will build brand awareness.

So there you have it, the perfect display for eyeglasses for this business! Eyewear retailers should use this article as an example of how to start thinking about their own display situation and what improvements they can make.

Post time: 10-05-2017