How to Open a Dollar Store With the Right Dollar Store Fixtures Layout

Are you trying to understand how to open a dollar store? If so you are probably working to gain as much information about the dollar discount industry as possible. You are likely examining everything you can locate about the specifics of preparing and then opening your store. One of the critical steps you may have discovered is associated with the final layout of the dollar store fixtures in your store. In this article I present 4 steps to developing the perfect layout and then executing to that layout for your store.

#1) Document the rules you will follow in the layout of your store.

For example there should be no dead end aisles. In addition all aisles must be wide enough to accommodate passing shoppers. Check and double check to insure there are no safety hazards. Be sure to orient the fixtures so aisles are facing in such a way as to maximize employee viewing from end to end.

#2) Complete measurement and layout of the sales floor area.

Start by carefully measuring the display area. In addition to following the rules you have established be sure to work to maximize the amount of productive display area for the merchandise in your store. Those who know how to open a dollar store realize this step is critical to long term sales for your dollar store business. After all any extra merchandise display area creates the opportunity for extra sales.

#3) Create a layout plan for the display fixtures you plan to install.

Next move on to create a detailed layout drawing that encompasses both the dimensions of the available area and your rules. Your drawing needs to be to-scale so you can check everything before actually completing a preliminary physical layout of the fixtures.

#4) Double check the final layout against your documented rules.

Take the time to complete a careful check of the final plan you have drawn. Make sure everything is in order including maximized merchandise display area. Then begin adding up the actual fixture requirements to meet the layout you have designed.

If you are about to open a dollar store never underestimate the importance of these pre-planning activities. You must order exactly the right number of fixtures for your store. Failing to calculate the correct numbers and over-ordering fixtures can reduce money available for initial merchandise orders. Worse yet would be under-ordering fixtures and leaving a large section of your sales display area standing without fixtures and merchandise as your grand opening event approaches.

To your success as you discover how to open a dollar store!

Post time: 05-08-2017