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How to operate the Instrument Cluster
Values and options, as well as screen messages, are demonstrated on the multifunction screen.

Relying on the gear equipped in the car, you can connect with up the following menus: Vacation, Navigation, Audio, Phone, Support, Company and Options.

The Audio, Navigation and Phone menus differ marginally in automobiles with an audio method, and in automobiles with COMAND On line. We will show illustrations that use to automobiles equipped with COMAND On line.

Press and hold the [ICON] button on the steering wheel till the Vacation menu is demonstrated. You can check out the following applying the arrow keys on the wheel:
Normal velocity
Normal gasoline intake
Gasoline intake remaining
Eco screen — for more recent automobiles
Electronic speedometer
To reset any of the higher than, bring it to the front and push ‘OK’. Then, select ‘Yes’ with Ok button on the wheel to reset.

Will show you the course you are heading. When you want to turn, it will show how significantly ahead it is and whether it is on the correct or remaining.

Audio Menu
The recent station or new music you are listening to will be exhibited. To adjust, use the arrow keys on the wheel.

Tel Menu
If your mobile phone has been paired, you will see both Phone prepared or Phone no support. If a connect with is incoming, you can both accept or reject applying the connect with keys on the wheel. The name of caller will also show up on the multifunction screen.

Support Menu
By applying the arrow keys on the screen, you can:
Present Pace Limit Support and activate/deactivate its concept operate
Present the length screen
Activate/deactivate ESP®
Activate/deactivate the PRE-SAFE® Brake
Activate/deactivate Consideration Support
Activate/deactivate Blind Place Support or Lively Blind Place Support
Activate/deactivate Lane Retaining Support or Lively Lane Retaining Support

Company Menu
You can:
Call up screen messages
Restart the tyre stress loss warning method
Test the tyre stress electronically
Call up when a support is because of

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