How to Place Security Cameras in Your Jewelry Store

When deciding where to place security cameras in your jewelry store you should consider a two-pronged approach utilizing both hidden and visible security cameras. The reason you would want to do this is that even most of the smash and grab jewel thefts were prefaced by at least one of the criminals casing the store in order to learn about the security setup and any vulnerabilities.

Your goal is to try to make it very difficult for any criminal to rob your store without winding up on the video recording of at least one security camera. This can also be very helpful for preventing or prosecuting most employee theft.

When placing hidden security cameras within your jewelry store you will want to cover your most expensive displays and any spot where you have a safe or cash register. A good choice for this situation will be the smoke detector hidden camera or the sprinkler head hidden camera.

Both have a down view so they can be placed right over the area to ensure you get the best possible view of anything, jewelry or money, that is passed back and forth across the counter. This will help you discreetly keep an eye on both your customers and your employees.

As for your visible cameras you will want to use domed security cameras and it would be worth the extra to get the higher resolution models so that you can be sure to get the most detailed video possible. You’ll find the difference in price to be small in comparison to the better resolution.

Be sure you place at least one camera on the far wall across from the front of the store so that you get a wide shot of the storefront area. You’ll have to see if one camera will cover the area but that will all depend on the length of the storefront and distance of the far wall.

Place a camera in all 4 corners of the store so they are easily seen to help deter theft and ensure full coverage of the store and display cases. Bear in mind that the farther away you are from the camera the wider it can see so you can think of it as a cone that gets bigger as you get farther away.

Remember you can always scale your security setup as needed should you find any holes or not have enough capital to purchase all the security cameras you need at one time. Get what you can and add as you go if necessary.

Post time: 05-20-2017