How To Save Money On Store Fixtures

Store fixtures, including displays and racks, are part of the cost of opening a store. In addition to spending money purchasing wholesale merchandise and paying rent, you will also need fixtures so that you can present your products to customers. Because display cases and racks are often custom made for individual stores they can be especially expensive. Below are the top tips for saving money when shopping for store fixtures.

Money Saving Tip #1

Buy used racks. Racks are primarily made out of metal so they are very solid. As long as the metal isn’t rusted it should last for years. If its appearance is not that attractive, you can always have the metal polished using cleaning supplies available in your local supermarket. The best places to find used racks are store fixture dealers, since that is their primary business. You can also contact local stores to see if they have any extra racks you can buy from them. Often a new retailer will purchase more fixtures than they actually need and will be happy to unload them for extra cash.

Money Saving Tip #2

Make your own racks and displays. Although they might not look as professional as those sold by dealers, they can work just as well. As a matter of fact, some of your customers might love the look of a homemade display, since it distinguishes your clothing store from the national apparel chains.

Money Saving Tip #3

Ask your wholesaler to sell you fixtures. Even though that is not their product line, chances are that they have accumulated fixtures from their years of operating a business. Closeout dealers are also a great source of cheap store racks because they specialize in buying out stores that go out of business. When they buy out a store, they take all the contents, from the merchandise to the fixtures.

Post time: 02-16-2017