How to Sell Jewelry

Whether you have a large collection of unused gold and diamonds and want to get a fair price for it, or you seek to professionally sell homemade jewelry, there are some tricks of the trade that you may or may not be familiar with.

1. Getting appraisals for the jewelry you already have can be misleading, especially if the appraiser is a potential buyer himself. Selling your jewelry for a price close to what you paid for it is a good move, but if you inherited it, this may be difficult. Paying for an appraisal is a good option.

2. If your jewelry is old and out of style, you may fetch a higher price for it by melting it if it is a precious metal or removing it from its casing if a stone.

3. If you want to sell your jewelry quickly and easily, you might think about an ad on Craigslist. Listing items in your local area will allow you to meet potential buyers face to face, making it easier on both parties involved.

4. You can also go to a private auction house. This is a good method because you will be reaching a larger audience and your items may fetch a higher price, although the auctioneers will take a cut.

5. Make sure you have documentation. Not only will this allow the potential buyer to feel more comfortable with spending a lot of money, but determining the quality of your diamond jewelry can surprise you and help you collect the amount of money your jewelry is worth. An independent gemological laboratory can issue you a diamond grading report.

6. If you have a large amount of jewelry you are intent on selling, it may behoove you to have a glass showcase. Especially if you’re thinking about a retail display, a glass showcase can help to influence your buyers through quality presentation.

7. If you’re selling jewelry that you have made, jewelry shows and home jewelry parties are a great way to showcase your products. Invite all of your friends and their friends and print flyers and distribute them locally. Don’t forget to advertise on the internet too.

8. Offer a volume discount and show up online, whether it’s a blog about fashion, or a social shopping site. If you make jewelry, this may also give you an idea of what your competition is like.

9. If you want to sell to consignment stores, call before you come. Look professional and don’t necessarily mention consigning. Provide a list of prices for your products. Be knowledgeable and confident about your products and keep the small talk to a minimum. Above all, don’t underestimate the follow up call if you get a “No, but maybe sometime in the future.”

With these tips, you should be able to turn a profit on your jewelry, no matter whether you’re selling your grandmother’s antique diamond rings, or you’re crafting your own marketable jewels in your basement. Remember that to get the highest price, professionalism is key.

Post time: 09-21-2017