How to Sell Your Homemade Healthier Products

More and more people are choosing to make their own healthier food and cleaning products at home. This is often a more cost efficient option and people like knowing what exactly is in their products. But what about those who simply don’t have the time or means to create their own concoctions, many of them would likely pay for these products from local businesses and retailers. So how do you sell these items or get the word out there about them?

First off, advertising is key. How are people going to know about your product if they don’t see it or hear about it? For items that have a short shelf life, selling at your local farmers market or health food store may be your best bet. Creating signs and banners to advertise your product is a great way to draw in attention. When creating these signs be sure to get the point across without using too much information and overwhelming the viewer. For example if you’re selling “Nutty all organic granola bars” that are lacking all these crazy, harmful ingredients, you don’t need to list them all. You can stick with your brand name and that they are organic, once customers come to your booth, you can then give them more information, further enticing them to purchase your goodies.

Now if you’re going to be selling online or in store it’s hard to get all that information about your product out. One great way to do that is in store signs. You can create a display that hold brochures or simply states all the information about your product so that consumers have the option to read it but you’re not shoving it in their face. Similar to the signs, you want to be sure your in store displays get your main point across, and inform customers of what it is you’re selling without bombarding them with information. When selling online, much like in store you want your main page to be enticing, you can then have an “about us” section or detailed product description that further goes into detail on just how great and healthy this product is.

Packing is very important in grabbing the attention of customers. With the large amount of health food products available, it is important to make yours stand out. Studies have shown that given multiple options of the same quality, consumers will often go for the packaging that caught their eye first. That being said, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on it. Especially for those making product in your home, simple clear, brown, or white bags and wrapping can be created into a beautiful, eye catching packing with some custom stickers! These can easily be printed in bulk at your local print shop and the more you buy, often the more you save. One sticker can cost you as little as 5 cents!

These 3 simple items; signs, displays, and packing can go a long way to promote your new product. Keep them in mind and you’ll be on your way to promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone!

Post time: 10-13-2017