How to Set Up a Candy Store for Success

People have been enjoying candy for thousands of years. Even people living on restricted budgets can find enough money in their wallets to purchase a few pieces of candy. There is no better way to satisfy the craving for sweets than to sell them. Learning how to set up a candy store is not rocket science, but it does require time and dedication. Anyone with a sweet tooth can open a store for less than $5,000.

The first decision is a big one because it involves deciding what type of candy shop to open. A chocolate store specializes in all kinds of chocolate and chocolate-covered treats. A full range candy shop offers many different kinds of candy. Think about what sweets are popular in the local area when considering what to carry. For example, in Ohio, chocolate and peanut butter candies called buckeyes are favorites.

Rent or purchase a storefront in a high-traffic location in town. This spot can be used to produce and display the treats or as a place to show off treats purchased online. A strip mall or downtown shopping area is an ideal location. Research local laws and health regulations regarding food service businesses to verify that the site enables compliance. After sealing the deal, outfit the store with the proper equipment for candy making or storage.

Shop online for candy store display racks that will fit into the space. Racks come in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. Some rest on the floor while others are designed to be mounted on walls. Using both fixed and rotating racks to hold candy creates a unique appearance on the sales floor. Break up the uniformity of bin-style racks with some rotating, wall-mounted, and specialty displays.

People will not visit the store unless they know about it. Advertising with flyers and postcards is one way to generate business. Having someone stand outside the store with samples is also effective. Passersby will not be able to resist sampling a treat or two and since they are just steps from your doorway, it will be convenient for them to stop in and make a purchase.

Once you get into an operational routine, add new products and provide services like customized candies and gift basket creation. Welcome each holiday with flair by stocking shelves with the most popular treats for the occasion. Eventually, you may choose to branch into the online world by selling candy through a website.

Post time: 08-17-2017