How to Shop For Plastic Containers For Your Displays

Plastic containers might seem like simple display tools, but the reality is there are so many varieties of these versatile display fixtures that you’re going to need a bit of prep time before you actually purchase them.

Step 1: First, determine your display’s basic needs.

Determining your display’s basic needs will help you make decisions about the kinds of plastic bins you’ll need – specifically, the number, sizes, and shapes of the containers you’ll need.

As you’re determining your display’s basic needs, consider:

  • Your Display Space: How much display space do you have to work with? Are you creating your display on a countertop, or do you have a shelf or rack on which you want to situate your containers? Understanding your display space will help you determine how many containers you can include in your display as well as the sizes and shapes that will work best with your display space.
  • Your Merchandise: Knowing which merchandise you plan to include in your display will also help you determine the size and number of plastic containers to use. Large merchandise items will require large plastic containers, while small merchandise items can get by with either large or small plastic containers. Likewise, sizeable amounts of merchandise will require a higher number of containers, while small amounts of merchandise can get by with just a few containers.

Step 2: Next, think about ways you can have fun with your plastic containers.

Now that you know how many plastic bins you need and the shapes and sizes in which you need them, think about the ways you can have fun with them!

You already know that these kinds of containers are available in traditional sizes like hexagon, square, and round or “fish bowl,” but did you know you can also find these containers in fun shapes like holiday-inspired Santa Claus boots and Christmas trees? You won’t want to use these containers year-round, but they do offer extra visual appeal to your displays at certain times of the year.

As with shapes (and sizes), color choices are plentiful, too! Clear is a common “color” for plastic containers because clear containers work well with any decor and they allow customers to easily see what’s inside; however, plastic bins are also available in translucent colors, as well. You can choose colors that “match” the current holiday or your area’s college colors, or you can choose colors that work well with the merchandise you plan to display in the containers. For example, if you want to display candy, you can choose colors that represent the candy flavors.

Step 3: Finally, consider other helpful display fixtures.

While plastic containers work quite well as stand-alone display fixtures, other display tools – such as wire display racks or convenience store racks – help you make the most of your display space as well as create display space where there once was none. You can find these kinds of racks in numerous sizes with various number of shelves and designed for either countertop or floor use.

Post time: 04-12-2017