How to Use Stories to Increase Your Sales

There are massive challenges facing us all in retailing at the moment. How can retailers survive and grow in a tough economic climate, with superstores, discount and internet retailers competing on price, and swiftly acting on new trends?

Well, as the old saying goes “Call on God, but row away from the rocks!” In other words, the man upstairs helps those who help themselves… So, here’s four proven methods to increase the odds:

1. Sell products that aren’t found anywhere else.

2. Offer the best customer service.

3. Sell quality products

4. Define your niche and brand accordingly

Now is the perfect time for each of us to ask, What business are we really in? Where are we going in the next year? and more importantly how are we going to get there? So where am I going with this? Stories, stories, stories…

One of the things retailers can give for free is the background of the product. If you think about it, this is what branding is all about. Offering up a story that people connect with. All of merchandising is story telling, whether you go for a countryside picnic or an urban Christmas party window theme, you are creating a feeling and asking people to connect with that feeling.

We all know the rules for moving products that aren’t selling such as moving them to a new location, changing the props, stacking the display boxes in an eye catching way – and often we’re surprised by how quickly the product starts to sell when merchandised in its new way or location.

Stories are another way of selling – Adding a “story card” explaining the details of the items can really help sales, particularly if you sell hand made products. But you can also use “story cards” to explain about designers, goods made in the UK – goods made locally, goods where a % of the profit goes to charity, goods that are on trend for the moment. Using stories to sell is like a grown up version of “show and tell”

Stories allow the customers to connect with the goods emotionally, they are a silent salesman/woman, and used well, they can increase sales dramatically.

Try selling with stories… !

Post time: 03-24-2017