ICE Glass LED Screens for Window Displays Transparent Glass LED Panels are a recent development that brings dramatic digital display capability to any window big or small.

Today glass plays a significant and major finish to some of the most creative and modern looking buildings built. For many innovative architects and engineers a building is simply not a construction, but a statement, a gigantic work of art and a reflection of modern day display technology that can now combine Glass and LED.

With the ICE Glass LED panels it is now possible to attach LED panels directly to the glass by way of the innovative mounting technique. The panels can but up edge to edge and thereby creating large seamless edges with the only constraint being the glass window installation structure and the engineering aspects of additional weight of the LED screens added to the glass wall.

A certain amount of customisation is possible, for example, removal of the controller an power supplies to be mounted on the LED glass panels.

The panels are ideal for attaching to the inside of entire office floor windows, retail shop windows or office partition walls.

Pixel & Cabinet Fix installation
Pixel pitch 16mm
Pixel composition 3535 High Bright
Tile & Panel
Panel Resolution (W x H) pixels 32*24
Panel Size (W x H) mm 512*384
Resolution (pixels/m2) 3906
Display Screen
Display size(㎡) 0.39
Display color coding 216x216x216=281.47 trillion colors
output 256(R)x256(G)x256(B), 16.7 million Colors
Brightness ≥8500cd/ m2
Best viewing distance 16M – 240M
Drive mode Static Current
Viewing angle Horizontal 120° Vertical 60°
Working voltage AC220V(110V)±15% 47~63HZ
Estimated Max. power consumption 200W/sqm
Estimated Avr. power consumption 80W/sqm
Transparency 40%
IP Rate IP65
Maintenance Rear
Ambient Temp. —10℃~+50℃
Ambient humidity 10%—95%RH
Key components Chinese LEDs, MBI drive chips, Meanwell PSUs
Control System
Video input DVI
Brightness control Program control or manual control available
Gamma correction Yes
Frequency of frame display 60 Hz
Frequency of Renewal 960Hz-61KHz
Data Transmission
Panel input Cat5 cable,
Remote: RS232/Ethernet
ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition 1.9mm LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just
some of the solutions available.

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