Ideas for a Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way to reclaim space in your home and make a few dollars at the same time! However, if you are going to have a garage sale, these tips can help make it a success!

Permits: Make sure you check to see if you are required to purchase or apply for a garage sale permit. Many areas do not require this, but if your town does, not getting a permit for your sale could get you shut down or fined.

Signs: Put up lots of signs and place them at every intersection around your neighborhood. Make sure your signs are large and sturdy so they don’t blow away in the wind. Make your letters large and clear so cars can easily read them when passing by.

Advertising: Advertise your sale! Post it on local online garage sale sites in your area for maximum exposure. Also, be sure and list any individual attention getting items you may have for sale. Many people will only pursue the garage sales that are posted to online sites because it gives them a preview of the items available at the sale and allows them to plan their route in advance.

Get Attention: String brightly colored pennant flags from your yard to the top of the garage or a tree to attract attention to your sale. Put your large or attention getting items out front where they will attract attention! Toys or furniture items are good attention getters.

Money: Keep your cash safe! Take large bills in the house periodically and keep money in a cash box or apron for protection. Do not leave money unattended.

Display Items: Use tables to display items such as dishes, household items, toys, tools, etc. Avoid leaving items in boxes. Use a clothing rack to display clothes for more visibility. Customers are much more likely to look through clothing on a rack than they are to dig through boxes or sort through clothes displayed on a table. Some local businesses may rent clothing racks at an affordable price.

Packaging: Keep a few plastic grocery store bags handy for your customers purchases. Also, if you have a lot of small related items, package them together in one bag and price them as a set.

After the sale: Any left over items can be donated to a charitable organization or saved for a future sale! Many charitable organizations will welcome left over garage sale donations!

Post time: 07-10-2017