Importance of Colors in Lighted Displays

Lighted displays are one of the easiest ways of attracting customers’ attention towards a product range. It is a widely accepted fact that a properly designed interior and exterior display enhances the sales of a business. Additionally, a well designed illuminated display make the product stand unique among the clutter of other product range. With the increasing demand of using lighted displays, there has been an increase in the service providers who offer cost effective and innovative display solutions to customers.

Before designing the illuminated displays, designers need to ask some of the basic questions as follows:

What is the image of the store?

What kind of customers is being targeted?

What is the concept presented in the display?

Where is the display planning to locate?

Significance of color in lighted displays

Care must be given while choosing color and color combination in displays as the color pattern contributes well to formulate people’s impression about a display. Moreover, colors used in a display can catch the eyes and make people to stand and look at the item for fraction of seconds, which in turn benefit the merchandise to create a brand image in the minds of the customers. Many of the department and retail stores prefer changing the colors in the illuminated display frequently in order to impart a fresh look to the display and thus to enhance the sale of the respective business. Usage of the correct combination of color eliminates the dullness of the display and also directs the attentions of the customers to a specific object.

Some of the commonly used colors in lighted displays are blue, green, violet, red, yellow, orange, brown and gray. Amongst the various colors used, red, yellow, orange and colors with red or yellow hues such as yellow-green, beige, peach, brown, orange-red are warm colors and are used to make the lighted display warm and intimate. Colors like blue, green, violet and combination of blue-green, violet-blue etc are categorized under cool colors and are used to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Each color can induce different emotional response in the minds of the customers as:

Green – Cool color that stimulates conversation

Blue – Calms and relaxes people

Red – Induces aggression

Yellow – Induces warmth and happiness and draws attention

Orange – Vibrant at the same time friendly

Violet – Royal cool color that draws people’s attention to the displayed item

Brown – Warm and relaxing

The designers of lighted displays use the color combination as per their creative idea and there are no thumb rules for choosing and combining colors. Illuminated displays with the right combination of colors have a large impact on the merchandise products like jewelry, clothing etc.

Post time: 07-15-2017