Important Tips on Buying Jewelry

One of the worst possible ordeals the common shopper may encounter is getting shammed for faux jewelry passed off as genuine, authentic jewelry. And yes, the internet is flourishing with immoral sellers, and once you’ve fallen for their bait, there’s no assurance if you’ll get your money back – particularly if you’ve bought a faux pearl necklace from the other side of the globe.

Here are a few tips you will find both useful and practical when it comes to buying authentic jewelry:

The Internet is Your Last Resort

Sure, there’s Paypal, Google Checkout, Wire Transfer, and all sorts of payment intermediaries that offer buyer protection, safe shopping badges and all – but there’s no telling if these ‘trusted’ partners will help you get back the precious money you’ve lost. The process in reclaiming your money will be a tough one, and nearly impossible if you’re living outside the United States.

Buying foreign jewelry from local sellers might set you back a few dollars more than the standard price of a similar product on the internet, but in the event that the local seller gave you a fake set of earrings, you can report him to a government trade agency.

Another good reason on why you shouldn’t buy on the Internet is to protect your credit card from being siphoned by unscrupulous sellers. Not all people use Paypal – some tend to buy directly on a website and enter their credit card details on an unsecure form, without knowing the dangers this may pose. Once you submit your credit card details to unsecure merchant websites, the details may fall into the hands of the website’s IT administrator, who has the ability to connive with other IT experts to use your credit card to make purchases without exposing their locations, thereby making it harder to catch these crooks, leaving you with only nothing but despair and additional problems with identity theft. Indeed, it’s risky business buying online.

Seller Ratings

Seller ratings are as important as security badges on a merchant website. They provide the prospective buyer the confidence to make a sound purchase because of customer reviews and ratings, which are also the crown jewels of any experienced seller. Any veteran shopper on the internet would still rely on seller reviews before purchasing an item. And sellers with high reputations have their integrity to protect, making it nearly impossible for them to even think of scamming you.

Knowledge of the Item

Don’t know anything about diamonds other than their sparkle? You’re not alone. Almost all wearers of jewelry can’t tell if what they’re strutting is real or not. Before you buy any form of jewelry on the internet, or even off local jewelry display cases – do your research. Know what features of the item make it authentic and pin the hardest questions on sellers. Remember, everyone wants to make a quick profit, meaning it’s still your responsibility to do your assignment on learning about the different types of seller fraud and prevent it from happening to you.

Post time: 09-30-2017