Improving Your Company’s Sale Through Store Displays

Store displays play an important role to the success of every company’s retail marketing goals. This is the reason multi-national companies hire professional brand managers to work on their store displays. A small change such as setting the products on the right shelves may seem unimportant; however it makes a big difference in terms of accessibility and convenience to customers. Choosing the right store display therefore plays a huge role in every store’s success.

Store Display Types

Whether one is a small company or a huge one, the type of displays do matter as it helps the organization to present and promote their products and services effectively. One item, Line-at-goods, Related merchandise, Assorted varieties, Promotional and Institutional displays are the different types that will be discussed below.

One Item. This type works for companies that are interested in promoting one single product or service. This can be an existing or current one as the main purpose would be to revive customer interest or to introduce them to a new service or product that the company has.

Line-at-goods. Line-at-goods is the type of display for stores that sells one product but comes in different designs, colors or materials but created by a single company or individual. Example would be showcasing a designer’s new collection of outfits. The main goal is to showcase the common theme of the products helping customers to understand and accept the product presented.

Related merchandise. Companies that want their products to be associated with other company’s products may help from using Related Merchandise type. An example would be displaying health care products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash in one aisle together. By associating different products that have the same relevancy or idea in one place, it provides convenience to customer and improves satisfaction rate in terms of ease of access of items.

Assortments. Items that do not belong to any section or products that stores want to dispose of but do not want to lose profit can be placed in one section all together. Sometimes called the “Clearance Section”, this is the perfect place to put any merchandise that the store wants to sell without affecting their new products. Customers would be happy poking around this section without expecting it to be neat and tidy and the store would still be earning from the sales.

Promotional. Promotional displays are put up to promote new products and services from the store and are done for a limited amount of time. Promotional booths or stand-alone kiosks are perfect examples. They are put up temporarily either in the store’s front area or outside of the premise. The idea is to promote the concept or product to boost knowledge and sales of the item.

Institutional. This display is done to simply promote the store or company as a member of the particular institution. This is not done to rack up sales but rather to build the company’s brand or image as a supporter of a particular cause thus improving its reputation, increasing brand loyalty and customer base.

Post time: 04-18-2017