Interesting Designs Of Cabinets for Laundry Rooms

If you are tired of drab or outdated cabinetry in the laundry room or perhaps you do not have enough space because of the style of cabinets currently installed, this would be the time to look at new cabinets for laundry room designs. Today, cabinetry being sold specifically for this room of the house is quite impressive. For many years, the laundry room was overlooked, often considered an afterthought but now, new home building, remodel, or updating projects include this room so the entire home has a cohesive appearance.

One thing you might consider is switching from the more traditional material of wood, specifically oak, that is commonly used in the laundry room. Many companies such as Rubbermaid have designed and developed a new line of products that are more affordable, strong, durable, and actually aesthetically pleasing. With Rubbermaid products, instead of this room constantly being a cluttered eyesore, you could consider several options although the FastTrack shelving solution is a popular choice. This unit is so strong that it can easily hold heavy bottles of laundry products but best of all it is customizable.

A variety of organization systems exist but one in particular that is simple, popular, and something you could easily install on your own is steel shelving. Obviously, choosing coated steel would create a nicer look while the material provides the strength needed. Then, purchase several cloth-lined baskets in varying sizes from a local retail or home improvement store. These baskets come in different colors and wood types so you could create the final look preferred. Although this type of storage is cheap, it actually looks expensive.

Another option would be with Coleman storage cabinets. These cabinets come in a wide range of design and style choices but if the washer and dryer were located in the garage, a hutch would be an excellent choice. This heavy-duty rubber cabinet has a clean look and features locking doors. The benefit of buying this type of cabinetry is that in addition to keeping all your laundry supplies neatly organized on one side, garage items that need to be stored could take up the other side. Then, the locking doors would keep anything harmful out of the reach of children and priced less than $80, this organizer is a true bargain.

Even hamper designs have changed significantly over the years. For a larger family, you might consider a multi-unit laundry room cabinets design that makes it easier to keep dirty laundry sorted. In addition to hampers that line up horizontally on the floor, a few manufacturers sell hampers that stack. This way, unused space vertically in the laundry room is used while still providing you with perfect organization. If the washer and dryer were in the bathroom where space is limited, choosing a corner or stacking system would give you the storage needed but without taking up more room.

Post time: 08-14-2017