Inviting Retail Spaces

Creating an inviting space is very important when setting up a retail store. Your space should feel warm and welcoming to new and old customers alike. Otherwise, people may feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or give up on you before they even enter. Use these tips to learn how to best use your space in a retail setting. Using good visual displays, lighting, and slatwall displays appropriately can make a big difference in your store image.

Inviting Visuals

Many different visuals in your store can add to the inviting feel. Artwork is great. Go for lots of color without getting too busy. Couches, lamps, and other things from “home” make people feel more welcome. Try using sculptures or other interesting pieces down low at the entrance to your store, so that people feel “above” it and less threatened. The same holds true in your window displays. Keep some of the focus low so that the store gives off an inviting vibe to passer bys.

Welcoming Product Displays

Think “multi-level” when creating your displays. Historically, tables attract more customers than garment racks do. Use varying levels of merchandise, signage, and décor to keep the eyes moving. The more a person is inclined to look around, the more familiar the space will feel, making it more welcoming.

Warm Lighting

Harsh fluorescents are good for bargain stores, but spotlights and warm lighting is better for boutiques and small retail stores that really want people to take their time and look around. Use lamps and incandescent bulbs whenever you can. Stick to small LED or halogen spotlight bulbs for showcases and product feature spotlights. You don’t want people to leave with a headache, but you do want to draw their attention where you want it.

Just the Right Amount of Space

When deciding on how much open space is congruent with your store image, consider a couple of things. Tight spaces and packed racks scream out bargain basement, clearance type deals. A lot of open space with just a few items on the rack means pricey. Most stores will do best with something in between. If you sell baby items, make sure there is room for parents with strollers to comfortably shop. Make sure breakable and delicate items are up higher so that parents aren’t worried about their toddlers running around. There should generally be enough space for shoppers to leisurely look through your clothing racks without being back-to-back with someone else. Use slatwall displays to get some of your items up on the walls. This will clear out more floor space if you need it and get your visual displays up where people can see them.

Post time: 10-16-2017