Is A Magazine Rack Right For Your Trade Show Display? The Answer Is Yes!

When you first start designing your trade show booth, you might not initially consider a magazine rack as of one the features the stand should include, especially if these publications are not what your stand is promoting! But in today’s world, the use for this type of feature extends well beyond the simple ability to hold magazines. Today it can be used both aesthetically and functionally in your displays for a wide array of purposes. Considering a creative use for this type of component in your stand will help to increase the effectiveness and appeal of your booth!

Types Of Magazine Racks

In today’s market, the magazine rack comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From cardboard brochure holders to pocket styles to clear acrylic boxes to curved wooden shapes with an “abstract art” feel, the variations are nearly endless. They can be large or small, and they are available in models that can sit on a floor, on a table, or even on a wall. They can hold many materials, or just a few, or a combination of both. Nowadays, the term truly refers to a whole suite of products that can fit into almost any booth design.

How A Magazine Rack Can Improve Your Trade Show Display

They have come a long way in terms of design, and can also go a long way in terms of functionality and versatility. The great number of styles available means that you can easily incorporate this component into your stand design, and the right one can even add to the aesthetic value of the booth! In terms of function, magazine racks have a number of features that allow them to be used in very creative, effective ways. Consider the following features as you think about ways you can use them in your trade show display design:

• They often have the ability to fold up for ease of transport.

• They can usually be used to display, vertically or otherwise, any 8.5 x 11 materials you want.

• You can get ones with clear vertical pockets that allow you to have full and/or double-sided display of materials. These clear vertical pockets can also lend themselves to graphic displays of things such as company colors, logos, or mottos.

• Because they can be used on a floor, a table, or a wall, they can easily be coordinated with other features of your booth.

• Many have configurations that are adjustable, allowing for great versatility (e.g., having large and small materials contained in the same rack).

• Rotating models are available, allowing for 360 degree visibility of your materials.

An Innovative Answer For Your Trade Show Display Needs

With the many styles available today and the versatile functionality it provides, the magazine rack simply as “publication holder” is a thing of the past. As with other detailed components available in the trade show design world today, this component can be used in creative, out-of-the box ways to achieve maximum impact in your trade show booth.

Post time: 04-01-2017