Jewelry Gift Boxes Can Be Used For Displaying and to Increase Your Sales

Upgrade the products you sell with jewelry gift boxes that increase the eye appeal of your product. Often times jewelry displays and countertop displays are not needed when displaying your jewelry or other small items. Many times displaying your jewelry or other products directly in a gift box is more effective.

The key to which jewelry gift box to choose depends on your products. For lower end jewelry or items like mens wallets or belt buckles, a cotton filled jewelry box is fine to display in. Make sure that the box is not low grade and made in China. It doesn’t help your sales when the customer touches the sides of the box and it caves in. So make sure you buy the better quality made in USA boxes, it’s worth a few pennies more to save a sale. Using colors on the cotton filled boxes also gives your product a unique appeal. Great colors are black, cocoa and natural kraft. Of course the standard silver linen, gold linen and white swirl design work will too. You can use clear lid cotton boxes if do not want customers touching your product.

For higher quality jewelry, use leatherette or two door jewelry boxes or bow tie boxes. These all display nicely and will add to the appeal of your jewelry. For top of the line jewelry, use rosewood boxes. These jewelry boxes must be real wood, and glossy. No exceptions. These have the ability to display the richness in your jewelry and they are well worth the cost for your top of the line jewelry.

So while jewelry displays work at times, displaying with jewelry boxes also works well. Plus you have the added benefit of purchasing less jewelry displays and using the jewelry boxes to display and also give out to your customer.

Post time: 01-27-2017