Jewelry Party Display

A stock pile of your unique jewelry designs is ready for a jewelry party display event. An excited hostess is looking forward to inviting her friends for a fun event of purchasing original jewelry. The hostess has planned the menu, has a list of friends, relatives, and neighbors which she will be inviting. Are you ready?

What will you give her to help compensate for her efforts and expenses to have a jewelry party in her home?

  1. Is this party an owed favor in return for a service which you had provided her on a former occasion?
  2. Will there be financial compensation dependent on the sales volume?
  3. Will a set of jewelry be her reward for organizing the party?

How are you planning to set up your jewelry party display?

Do you have an organized set up or are you expecting the hostess to provide a table for a sales area and display platform? You and the hostess, if possible, will want to meet to verify the working space. The reason is the necessity of knowing your physical surroundings with its advantages and disadvantages. If a meeting is not possible, ask her for the approximate measurements. The working space will dictate the table set up needed for display and inventory. Personally, after I have been informed of the measurements, I do a practice setup display in my home. Rather than wondering how many people will be in attendance it would be better to know if a targeted market for your jewelry designs are attending.

For example: If you specialize in wedding jewelry, many sales will be done if the invitation went to brides, bridesmaids, and all other interested parties needing your jewelry. Sales results will be many.

On the other hand if you specialize in sports jewelry and the people at the party are looking for wedding jewelry and accessories, many would be disappointed. You would be disappointed for the low to no sales volume. The type of buyers for your merchandise is much more important than the number of people in attendance. It would be a dream comes true if every jewelry piece sold at the party.

The next step would be to pull out your order book and start taking future requests. Fifty percent down and balance on delivery is a good policy. Or you may prefer total payment up front. Selling out of merchandise is excellent. It informs your customers that your jewelry designs are very popular and in demand. The customer is willing to place an order for the size, color, or design for their customized jewelry piece.


Pricing your inventory is very important. The jewelry party display should be laced with a variety of prices ranging from low to high. Pricing should allow every income to afford your jewelry designs.

Make it easy for the potential buyer to place a future order. Provide a variety of sample packages to make selection easier.

  • Include an album of photos displaying different necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and other jeweled accessories
  • Have sample string, necklace or bracelet with different colors of beads and jewels which are available
  • If not possible to have gems available, provide a brochure with available stock
  • Each article needs to have an identity or inventory number; eliminates errors
  • Take measurements if required

Order taking advantages:

  • Increasing your customer base
  • Popular pieces of jewelry designs to have in stock
  • Customer’s name, address, email, and phone number to add to your advertising mailing list

Guest book:

Supply a guest book, not only as evidence for tax deductions, but to build your mailing list for potential future customers.

Post time: 06-15-2017