Jewelry Trade Show Tip: Make Your Booth Interactive

When it comes to joining trade shows and craft fairs, most jewelry sellers try their best to create a jewelry display that can drive more foot traffic into their booth. A good number of days, or even weeks are spent preparing a attention worthy necklace display and booth decoration.

However, there is another way to make your customer enjoy visiting your booth and keep them raving about your collection throughout the show.

How? Just allow visitors to interact with you by putting up an interactive games or promos inside your booth. It doesn’t need to be grand, you just need to do something that will make them stop, look closer and purchase your items.

Spin a Prize Wheel

This game is an all time favorite in parties and events and will definitely work for your tradeshow booth. The thrill of excitement and the chance of winning a price no matter how small can surely attract visitors. Create a colorful roulette and put a small price for each item. Don’t stress yourself over the prizes, just pick a small item from your necklace display rack and pack it together with your leaflet or business card. It’s a great way to reward those who purchase an item from your jewelry booth while making their experience more memorable.

Instagram Promo

Invite your customers to take a snapshot of them while visiting your booth and give a reward to the funniest or most creative photo of the day. Ask your customers to upload their photos while using a hashtag that represents your brand to make your promo more effective. After the event, you can create an album in your social media pages or put together a photo wall of all the entries and hang in your store.

Business Card Fish Bowl

This is especially useful for those wholesalers or jewelry designers who want to establish a wider network. Just place a fishbowl on top of a table and put a sign next to it instructing your customers to place their business cards for a chance of winning cool prizes. Don’t forget to personally invite your visitors to drop their cards to make the connection more intimate.

Make your promos fun and interesting to invite more people in your store. These simple games will allow your customers to stay longer inside your booth and will encourage better interactions with them. You can also use other games or giveaways depending on your budget, the size of your booth and your audience.

Post time: 05-18-2017