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Glitz- Jewel digital virtual trial rooms through iPad and Android Tab in retail stores or boutiques , offer the convenience of browsing at home or work and trying jewels virtually to select the right look. Glitz virtual trial room for jewellery on ipad, iphone, android and on the web. Also provides a digital catalogue to the customer.


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Advantages of Buying Jewelry Online When you’re ready to make your next jewelry purchase, consider buying it online. The Internet offers a number of unique shopping advantages, whether you’re a first-time purchaser or an e-shopping veteran:

Glitz- Jewel digital virtual trial rooms through iPad in retail stores or boutiques , offer the convenience of browsing at home or work and trying jewels virtually to select the right look.

Virtual Trial room helps buyers make a purchasing decision by letting them view themselves in desired jewel via an interactive web-cam application.

This feature simulates offline customer behavior of trying out various jewels in front of a mirror to help them overcome their anxiety of how the apparel featured online would actually look on them.

It works on reducing any anxiety of not being able to actually see how the jewel looks on oneself before purchase online.

Virtual trial rooms with the help of better technology can help replicate the ‘look’ more realistically.…

With Glitz, You Get To Create Categories & sub categories to archive your jewels Search filters by Price, Keywords, themes, Caratage etc To create Favourite Lists & Jewel Pricing Module. Order Form generation , intuitive business intelligence Report Jewel Trail Room : Try — on multiple jewels at once on your photo. Have a rich feel of wearing a jewel. .


a) Opportunity to provide customers with more options for jewelry instantly with our inventory management solutions.

b) Valuable and personalized consultations and advice for each customer.

c) Standardization of operations through centrally controlled administration.

d) Build customer delight and loyalty Generate positive word of mouth advertisement and get new customers.


Business Intelligence Reports for Jewelry Store Owner :

a) Unique visitors report.

b) Page views report.

c) Country reports.

d) City reports.

e) User registration Details.

f) User logged in details.

g) Product usage report.

h) App usage count.

i) Uploaded photos count.

j) Saved images report.

k) Model photos tried count.

l) Daily report of usage / photos / count based on store wise.

m) Weekly report of usage / photos / count based on store wise.

n) Cumulative monthly report store wise.


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Let Customer Try-Before-They-Buy – Virtual Mirror

The definitive augmented reality experience which lets your customer virtually try-on the range of your necklaces, ear-rings and nose rings and other intricate designs before they buy.

It is a way of bringing your products to life and engaging customers allowing you to generate sales even when customer is not physically present or your are not open.

Show-off Your Jewellery – Design Catalog

Feature and display unlimited products with details, allowing sales representative to use iPad / Tablet to share expanded product details along with the advance filter option and related products. Switch between showcasing and selling seamlessly.

Make cross-selling easier than ever for your sales representatives. Find the perfect related products list, which allows representatives to search and browse popular items in different categories. Set your team with this interactive sales tool and start showing your stuff.

Find Near-by Buyers – Nearby Stores

Get the list and details of nearby retailers while on travel. Nearby Stores is a business discovery module that aims to help you find nearby sales and businesses using your Android Tablet or iPad.

With the consolidated of nearly 50,000+ Diamond and Jewellery manufacturers, wholesaler, distributors, retailers, it helps you increase your marketing targets while on sales trip, minimising the time, cost and efforts.

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