Kiosk Design – Mall Kiosks Explained (Part 1)

So you want to design a new, upgrade an existing, or perhaps open a new retail store in your local mall(s). You’ll need to ask yourself a couple questions. Let’s get started.

What type of products (displays, shelving, workstations, etc) will you need when opening an Inline (storefront) location, a standalone kiosk, or a cart/RMU?

* Inline storefront – Generally you will need store fixtures to fill in your retail space. Fixtures include products such as display showcases & store shelving. Your inline store, depending on how extravagant (or how big your budget is) will decide whether or not you will can budget for things such as kiosk workstations, merchandising displays, interactive kiosk designs, flat screen monitors, and the list goes on. Most likely an inline store will have the most flexibility as they tend to be bigger than kiosks and cart’s/RMU’s.

* Mall Kiosk – The space available will determine what is needed to right-fit your retail business. The most common kiosk sizes are 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 15′. Most kiosk design companies offer custom sizes if needed but will run you more money. As for what you will need to make your kiosk design function according to your business follows the same general rule as stated in the inline store above…it’s all a matter of budget and taste. The basics include merchandising display units, point of sale displays, and store signage.

* The new style mall kiosks are more of a walk-through design which allows for the customers to virtually walk inside your store. The boxed-in versions are limited to customers standing outside your kiosk.

* Cart/RMU – Most carts/RMU’s are leased to your business by the mall but can be built by kiosk companies if needed. Usually malls have a very specific design as well as a standard for the look that they want ALL of the carts/RMU’s to look like throughout the mall. When it comes to the cart itself your choices may be more limited as to the design for your cart. You can have cart inserts built by kiosk manufacturers which tend to have a store POS workstation, merchandising displays, and store shelving and drawers.

How much do mall kiosks cost?

* Tough question being that it all depends on the options or features that you might want for your business. On average, a new 10′ x 10′ kiosk (kiosk design, fabrication, delivery, & installation) cost 10k on the very low end to 25-30k. Interactive designs will generally cost a bit more. Shop around for the best prices and you could save a bundle. My advice is to make sure you know who you are doing business with by researching the company to make sure that they are reputable and in can answer your questions. Many of the kiosk manufacturers offer a tour of their workshop which is a great way to meet the company and witness their operations first hand. I recommend this highly, if feasible, being that you’ll be investing a good deal of money for even 1 kiosk.

In order to keep this article short and to not over complicate the process I listed a few frequently asked questions that you may have:

Can mall regulations affect my design?

* YES, make sure to speak with the mall management before signing off on your plans to build. Most malls have very specific guidelines that you must adhere to so this is a very important step designing or even redesigning your kiosk.

How long will it take to build my design and install it?

* Depends on the kiosk company. General rule of thumb for a standard sized design is 90 days and 120 days for a custom design. Times will vary between companies.

What if you need to make changes after the build starts?

* Normally you can make changes but beware of additional costs. Try to have your design finished before the build initiates.

What other things will I need to think about when designing?

* Kiosk software could be an option for your business, having them install the phone lines at the time of the build, customizing the size for your point of purchase display unit(s).

Until next time. Part 2 is in the works. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

For a list of Kiosk Design Companies visit (see my resource box below for the link to the site).

Post time: 08-25-2017