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Hello Welcome To Rinaldo’s Cabinetry I am Dan Rinaldo and I would like to introduce you to our company and our product line. We have a full service cabinet manufacturing facility in Dade City. We manufacture all types of cabinetry from flat panel laminate cabinetry all the way to custom wood cabinetry. Now I would like to take you to look around to look at some of the things. This is some of our high end Wood cabinetry. This happens to be some cherry cabinetry with a raised panel door this is a practical layout where we utilize a wood hood system with a liner of blower inside. What we try to do is be unique where we can make things that are decorative, but also functional and this become spice rollouts so that they can be part of the hood system but also be functional. Same thing with the cabinet below. We have used this pullouts to become spice rollouts and this would normally be where your cooktop would go for the cooking center for the entire area. We do a lot of other unique things. Some of the things that you can see here is taking the cabinets all the way to the celling. And putting some glass cabinets with lights inside right above for display. We do areas where you can put books and recipes books catalogs anything that you might want to have to help make the kitchen. Some of the other products that we manufacture are race panel thermal cabinet. Which is a lament cabinet we a thermal formal door. Which you can purchase in different styles a lot of different colors including wood grays and it gives us the ability to give you a competitive priced product but a real nice look. They have these in colors wood grains they also have them in a glazed look which is hard to differentiate between a wood cabinet. But a lot less expensive. This is an example of a cabinet.

Post time: 07-28-2017