Kool-4-U Personal Cooling Towel – Wholesale

Kool-4-U offers Personal Cooling Towels used in many applications for their amazing cooling features. The Kool-4-U Towel keeps you cool during any strenuous activity such as sports and exercising, or can be used for fever and hot flashes or whenever your body needs cooling. The Towel is made from a new hyper-evaporative material and is designed to stay up to 20 degrees cooler than the air around you for up to 4 hours. Just saturate in water, squeeze, shake and use. After 20 or so minutes, shake the towel and it’s cooling effect will return. No refrigeration needed. There are no chemicals in the towel, so it is safe for small children and pets. Kool-4-U is also hand and machine washable with mild detergent. Kool-4-U now offers the product in three colors for a wholesale price as low as $6 with quantity discounts available. The towels are a well-established seller at outdoor events such as fairs and festivals, and at gyms, golf courses, gift shops, and sporting events. Kool-4-U offers exceptional customer service and fast shipping, along with selling tools such as care & use instructions and display cases. The minimum order is 25 towels, which comes with a free retail display. Vendors usually sell the towels for between $15 and $19 each.

For more information about wholesale ordering, contact Kool-4-U at 1-772-873-9327, by email at John@kool-4-U.com or you can also look for the ad in the merchandiser magazines.

Post time: 05-23-2017