Kundan Jewelry – A Spectacular Art Experiencing A Bleak Potential

Kundan Jewelry is just one of the oldest types of jewelry art in South Asia and was an accent linked with royalty. The jewelry has its origins in Jaipur (India) and at just one place of time was also the hub of the art but steadily, this intricate craft flourished in Bihar and Punjab. The art attained the peak of its prowess during the Mughal era the place it obtained virtually royal patronage. The finest paradigm of the art can be observed in the Indian movie “Jodha Akbar” the place the actress Aishwarya Rai is on a regular basis observed adorning this outstanding piece of jewelry.

The attractiveness of this craft lies in the sheer magnificence and the simplicity that it shows. But appears to be can usually be deceiving. The jewelry may perhaps seem uncomplicated and classy on the outside but its production procedure is just not that uncomplicated. It really is an art sort which usually takes decades of mastery because as opposed to other decorative art types, Kundan jewelry is hand-created and even just one insignificant slip of hand or oversight could blemish the piece.

The production processes of Kundan particularly incorporate 4 ways: Ghadai, Meenakari, Jadai, and Puwai.

Ghadai: This is the 1st step of generating Kundan jewelry and involves sketching of layout on paper and generating all the styles as for each sketch. This is carried out making use of tweezers and other usually used resources. Then the foundation of the metal is made as for each sketch so that gems, stones and diamonds can be engraved on it.

Meenakari: At the time the foundation is prepared, gems, stones or diamonds are engraved inside of the foundation. The back facet of the foundation and engraved gems is then enameled by any of the 5 “Panchranga” colours – Blue, Purple, Eco-friendly, White and Gold. This is a higher-precision step that calls for utmost talent and concentration because any oversight would lead you back to sq. just one.

Jadai: The third step in producing Kundan jewelry is Jadai which involves masking the foundation and gaps with Kundan (the purest sort of molten gold). Right after masking it up with Kundan, the ornament is filed and polished to get the needed glow and all production problems are taken treatment off in this step.

Puwai: The final and last step requires attaching the hanging items of ornament with major foundation and executing other important gold thread operate to complete the ornament.
Just about every step in the producing of this fashion jewelry is vital and calls for a hundred% attention from the craftsmen. Since, Kundan jewelry is created of pure gold, it can be highly-priced and for this purpose, very similar jewelry is created in silver for the masses.

On the other hand the Kundan jewelry art sort now faces a bleak long term with the availability of readymade jewelry and it is an business that is battling to hold up with fashionable moments. It is massive slide from grace for an art which at just one place of time was observed as a status symbol in society.

Post time: 07-26-2016