Learn how to open your own teen store with Teen Store Developers!

Teen Store Developers opens stores worldwide for investors like yourself starting at only $76,900! Since 1992 we’ve opened over 2,200 retail stores for people just like you, in some cases we’ve handed over the keys to their brand new store within an amazing 30 days! The seven core services we provide to each client is what has built Discount Retail Store Services into the largest teen store developer in North America since 1992. WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE, however we do offer much of the same support that you would receive from a franchise without the fees, royalties or control over your business.

We provide these 7 core services for every client;

1. Financing Assistance – 100% Financing OAC including operating capital. We offer traditional and non-traditional financing options including; mortgage refinancing, HELOC, 401K/IRA Rollovers, Secured CD Loans, SBA Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Store Fixture Leasing, Web Based Lenders, Qualified Partners, Personal Loans & Signature Loans.

2. Site Location Assistance – We contact every shopping center owner and utilize many more tools to identify all sites in your market in order to secure the absolute best store location possible. We perform demographic and traffic count studies to ensure sufficient population base and high visibility. We look for locations with anchors such as a major grocery store and regional or national department stores.

3. Negotiating Your Lease Agreement – We employ a team leasing managers that are experts in every geographical area of the country. Our leasing mangers will aggressively negotiate over 17 provisions of the lease designed to provide maximum advantage to you. A properly negotiated lease will save you ten’s of thousands of dollars over the course of the lease.

4. Complete Build-Out of Your Store – We will fly a Build-Out Supervisor to your store site. We will assemble all your fixtures including shelving units, cash counters and display units. We will stock all your merchandise and install the interior signage and grand opening banners. We will hand you the keys to the front door and you are in business in less than a week. Your store is literally a turn-key store as you only get the keys when you are ready to open your doors.

5. Comprehensive Training Before Your Opening – We offer a complete 8 week training system that combines on-site training comprehensive tele-training and/or optional in-classroom training at our Las Vegas headquarters. Most importantly our training system was created for convenience as all training takes place according to your personal schedule. Complete review of the operations manual, cash register training, including merchandise and how to get the most out of our valuable supplier network are included in the comprehensive training. Our approach ensures that you will be well educated and completely comfortable running your own store.

6. Wholesale Purchasing Network – We offer deep discounts from our massive buying power that we have with our 75 high quality suppliers of dollar store merchandise. Our buyers regularly travel to visit each supplier where they hand select and negotiate the cost as value can only be determined by physically seeing and inspecting the product.

7. Total Support For the Life of Your Business – This gives you the major advantage of owning a franchise without having to pay any fees or royalties and also allowing you to run your business your way without the strict guidelines of a franchise operation. We are there to help you run your business as much or as little as you require.

Watch this testimonial and you will quickly see how Dollar Store Services offers the most complete and affordable store packages available. Our pledge is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, provide superior value and long term support while maintaining the highest ethical standards. When you deal with Teen Store Developers, you deal with a company who has first hand retail experience and will work with you to maximize your opportunity for success for the life of your store. The President, General Manager and other key managers and supervisors of Teen Store Developers have many years of hands on teen store retail management experience. We know how to professionally operate retail stores and understand what is required to be successful.

Get on the road to owning an exciting retail business and open your own Teen Store.

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