Learning the Basics About Slatwall Shelves

You probably never paid any attention to them, but slatwall panels or shelves are versatile products used by retailers to enhance their merchandise displays and encourage sales.

If you’re an entrepreneur contemplating on running your own retail shop, you can encourage people to check out your merchandise and visit your store more often if it has a pleasurable shopping ambience& clean, orderly store design. Among the essential items that help create a clean & tidy look are the display shelves. Having an attractive display of products using modern shelves contributes to a dynamic store look. Shelving units mounted on what is called a slatwall are some of the options used in the retail industry to display and let merchandise stand out.

Unfamiliar or confused with what a slatwall is? It’s simply a wall with raised slats or thin pieces of wood, on which brackets, wire, metal or acrylic shelves or panels/trays may be fitted. When the shelves or panels are made to fall between the slats, the result is a convenient storage and display area that can hold a certain amount of merchandise. Slatwall shelves may carry various items ranging from footwear and apparel, to toys, CDs, food products, to gadgets & accessories, plus many other things.

Slatwall panels offer not just convenience but a space-saving advantage. Besides saving much floor space, the product innovation itself is cost-effective. Slatwall shelving systems come in different finishes and colors to blend with the overall retail design.

Clear acrylic slatwall shelves, for instance, direct customers’ attention to the merchandise or retail items being displayed, rather than on the shelf or rack carrying them.

Post time: 01-23-2017