LED Display Cabinet – Colour Shelf

A beautiful display cabinet with in built LED lighting system. Wall mounted or free standing, the unit doubles as a reading or night light in a bedroom. It comes with a remote control to change colour, brightness and sequence of the in built LED lighting. It can display single colours or strobe and fade between the full colour range. It can be dimmed to a very low light for use as a night light.

Ideal for storing and displaying those precious Lego men, Moshi Monster, Warhammer or any other collectable figurines for both children and adults.

The sides of the cabinet are translucent which throws a beautiful halo of coloured light on the wall around the unit.

Made to order, the unit is 305mm square and 70mm deep with 25 square compartments each 57mm wide by 30mm deep. It has a sawtooth hanging hook at the back for easy wall mounting.

It comes with a slot at the pack to insert a 300mm square printed picture of your choice. You can email your high resolution picture to info@colourshelf.com and we’ll print it on to transparent perspex to get the effects shown in the images attached.

Comes with a remote control and power lead.

Please note the figurines in the pictures are NOT included.

Post time: 03-27-2017