LED Nudisplay replace old LED display solution The retail outlet projects

The highlight of LED Nudisplay solution Why we should retired old traditional LED display?
1.Good visualization
Transparent-based design allows the light to pass through the glass without any influence to the building structure around.expand to broader usage domain and area
2.Ultra-thin, and ultra-light.
With only 8mm width and 12kg/m weight, the installed LED Nudisplay takes very little space and without any increase in the Screen loading weight.
3.Frameless structure
Unilumin Nudisplay can directly stick to the inside part of the installation base by special designed glue, and after 10 seconds curing, it will connect with the Nudisplay firmly. Thus decrease the installation difficulty and cost greatly.
4.Easy and convenient maintenance.
It can be maintained from indoor, safer and more convenient.without incurring huge labor cost..
5.Saving lighting costs of the whole building.
Besides good Displaying/illuminating effect, Our LED Nudisplay also helps lighting the glass skyscraper/projects, thus makes the Skyscraper/projects more attractive and dynamic saving a lot lighting cost but deliver more exciting effect
6.Wided use range and application
Wherever the installation place it is, LED Nudisplay can be installed. Such as bank, supermarket, theater, business street, hotel, public civic buildings, retail outlets,Nightbar,and landmark buildings, etc.

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Post time: 05-31-2017