LED Replacement for Showcase Fluorescents

Do you currently have fluorescent lighting installed in your showcases and display counters, but feel that they are not producing the light quality that you need? Perhaps you just want brighter, clearer light, or perhaps you are looking for lights that can operate well at any temperature or that can operate for long periods of time without generating excessive heat or that won’t become likely to burn out with prolonged use. Whatever your reasons for considering an alternative to your current lighting, you will find that an LED replacement for showcase fluorescents can be a great idea.

Fluorescent lighting was once considered the best form of lighting available when it came to display shelving. It is brighter than incandescent lighting, easy to work with, and certainly better for colder cases. Fluorescent lighting also offers the ability to purchase longer bulbs that provide light over a much larger area. Today, however, LED replacement for showcase fluorescents can make a world of difference. With LED light strips, you can still choose light that covers the same amount of space, but you gain many additional benefits at the same time.

With LED replacement for showcase fluorescents, you will find that you can get light strips that fit existing T5 fluorescent sockets, or you can purchase LED strips that are custom made to fit the exact dimensions of your display counter. Whether you want fixed or flexible strips, you can find the right length to ensure that every inch of your showcase is well illuminated, eliminating shadows and really showing off what makes your products unique. With these strips, you will also gain the benefit of lighting that works in any temperature and that does not generate heat or have a tendency to burn out after being used for a long stretch of time.

There are many benefits to upgrading your fluorescent lighting. When you choose LED replacement for showcase fluorescents, you will find that you can eliminate not only the humming sound of fluorescent lights, but also the unnatural yellowish or bluish tint that they produce. LED light is incredibly natural in appearance, and it is well renowned for its ability to closely mimic natural sunlight. When showing off the finer details of your products is important to you, LED lighting is definitely an option that you should consider very carefully.

The bottom line is that LED replacement for showcase fluorescents simply makes sense. You will find that these lights make it easy to create a more natural look while also greatly reducing your electricity consumption and expenses. LED lights are incredibly low maintenance and are environmentally friendly. It is rare for a new lighting option to come along that is as great for your bottom line as for your lighting needs, and considering that LEDs lack the hazardous mercury found in CFL and many other lighting options, it is certainly important for you as a business owner to consider all of the benefits of upgrading your lighting to this new technology.

Post time: 10-02-2017