Less Is More – Retail Visual Merchandising in a Busy World

When you get a moment, walk to the entrance to your retail store and look at the store as a customer would on entering for the first time. What is it that you see? Try hard to put yourself in the shoes of those who shop in your store. What is it that you see? What displays are you drawn to? What products do you notice? What is the overall message you get from looking at your store?

Too often, retail stores are too visually busy for customers to pick up on what retailers want them to pick up on. There is too much going on, too much grabbing attention for customers to see feature displays or products. Too many displays, in a confined space, will draw attention from each other and deny the opportunity for sales success. So how do you deal with a busy store? How do you make your investment in visual merchandising pay off? Here are some tips to consider:

Less is more. Seriously. Consider fewer displays, more space between your displays and a clean space border around displays. For example, if practical, consider framing a display with a black border to separate the display from nearby products which could pull focus.

Understand that space sells. Smart advertisers use white space on the page to lift up the product they are promoting. We need to do the same in retail, honour a product placing it on a visual pedestal so that it gets all of the attention it deserves.

Tactical works. Sometimes you will make more money from a tactical product placement than an attractive display. Depending on the item, just placing a product near another popular product will deliver more of a sales uplift than if you do a pretty display.

Tell a story. While an attractive display may look good, unless it tells a story or shows the promoted product in context you are less likely to achieve what you could achieve. In telling a story, you need to show how the product is use and, if possible and practical, the benefits which flow from use.

Schedule your displays. If you have more demands on visual merchandising display space than you can handle, resist the temptation to install more displays. Instead, schedule your displays better. Track the success of each and allocate space on the categories of products which sell better in your store.

An attractive visual merchandising display is useless if it does not generate a profitable return for the business. This is the key. It could be that your displays are not delivering what you need if you have too many, they are too close together or the displays themselves are to visually busy. Take a less is more approach, respect open spaces and let your customers see the products you respect with less competition for their attention.

Post time: 10-08-2017