Lisa Robertson Explains the Clothing D.I.E.T

Watch Lisa explain the clothing D.I.E.T! Lisa Robertson gives fashion advice on the Bethenny Show on how to look thinner without going on a diet. Shop Lisa’s clothing line, GILI:
So as you know, I don’t believe in dieting, but I do believe that the clothes that you wear make a massive difference in sculpting your body, making you feel good, and confident. If you don’t feel good with that you’re wearing, you don’t have confidence and you won’t look your best. Sometimes the trick to creating the illusion of looking slimmer can be found in your closet. So, here to reveal the secrets of the clothing diet, QVC’s style and beauty expert, Lisa Robertson. Welcome back! Thank you! So, you know I hate diets. Diets are frustrating because they take forever and they’re never any fun. So, the clothing diet is making an instant difference by paying attention to the clothes you wear. It looks like you’ve been on a diet. So, weight loss secrets through what you’re wearing. Weightloss secrets that are going to make an instant difference just by the way that you wear your clothes. Over the last twenty years, I’ve worked with a million designers and learned there are things that really make a difference, they’re for everyone, and they’re easy. I know some things just definitely do not work. We decided to do something called the clothing D.I.E.T. D stands for display your clavicle, not your cleavage. Really? Alright! We wanted to put the clothing diet to the test. So, what is showing the clavicle? For one, I call this my carb counters, when I’ve been eating a lot of carbs, this the cleavage area gets bigger. So, one of the things, if you wear a low neckline, it could show the things that you’ve gained a little over the holidays. That you’ve gained in that area. Number two, if you bring the neckline up to show your clavicle, it draws a longer line. So, if you look at how gorgeous she looks now, so you see that instead of cutting her off here, we’re bringing it all the way up. It draws your eye up, it gives her room to belt it without making her look too compact. This draws her entire line up, so simply by displaying her clavicle, not her cleavage, she’s on a clothing diet. So, what’s the second secret. Ok! So, the second secret and this is really easy and it’s a good one, is incorporate one color. Monochromatic color, one. Everything you wear is the same color. One color all the way down. Does it have to be black? It does not have to be black! I know, you never thought I’d say that. But it’s true, it doesn’t have to be black. Other colors, just pick a color and make it one color head to toe. I would think that most people would think that you could wear red and look slimmer. How do you feel? I feel amazing. I’ve always been afraid to wear red because it’s so bold. Well, you look like a million bucks! If she wore red with a black pant, it wouldn’t be the same. It has to be all one color? What draws your eyes is contrast. You’re going to cut yourself off here with one color on top and one color on the bottom. It’s going to make you look short everywhere and cutting yourself up into blocks and one color makes you look longer, leaner and thinner. And it looks like she’s really been working at the diet. She looks amazing! Lisa is going to reveal the secret to shedding ten pounds from your waistline. Clothing diet, no pain and it looks like you lost. E is embrace tailored fits. Because that makes a huge difference. In so many cases we’re a little self-conscious and the clothes don’t meet us and it just makes us look big. So go with the little tailored. 46% of women are wearing the wrong size clothes, that’s a huge number. Isn’t that amazing? So, that makes you wonder, are my clothes too big, are my clothes too small? But if you get the right fit, huge difference. So you say that you can look ten pounds thinner. SO when you look at Heidi, Heidi has a great figure. She doesn’t look bad in the before, but what she’s wearing is a little bulkier fabric, not really showing her waist. People think you’re the size of your clothing. Find the thing that you want to compliment about your figure. It’s tailored to her waist, she looks great! The final secret is the biggest misconception women have about clothing. Some would say that oh I could never wear a print. There’s a difference between big prints and small prints and how they catch your eye. So the T in the clothing diet is try a tiny print. Big difference. She’s wearing a texture and a print together because the texture is monochromatic and the print is small. Large prints draw your eye and make your eye stop. Tiny prints keep your eye moving and they actually camouflage the problem area, so don’t be afraid to try a tiny print and as part of the clothing diet, it can slim you right down.

Post time: 02-01-2017