Loss Prevention and Security Tips For Laptop-Selling Retail Store Owners

A laptop-selling retail store is a favorite target of robberies because they’re fairly portable and they’re definitely easy to sell in black markets. Vandals may also find laptop-selling retail stores an easy target because they can do a lot of damage given just a little bit of time.

If you own a laptop-selling retail store, here are a number of security tips to consider.

Use mechanical and computerized locks

Every safe, display counter, and door must have two layers of security. The first should require authorized personnel to provide the correct password and the second would require them to be in possession of the necessary card or metal keys.

Admittedly, having all these secured with a computerized locking system would take a bit of money and time but surely, it’s worth the safety and security of your expensive merchandise?

Use metal detectors

If you don’t have a security guard working for your store then make do with a metal detector stationed at the entry point at the very least. Metal detectors will prevent people from taking advantage of your momentary lapses of vigilance and go strolling out of your store with your laptops in tow. If burglars are thinking of targeting your store, they’ll have to do it the hard way.

Metal detectors are quite costly so it’s understandable that you won’t be able to have one at every entry/exit point. If you have multiple access points in your store, consider locking everything up expect for the main entryway during operating hours. And for non-operating hours, consider only using one access point at a time. It will be more difficult for you to protect your business interests if burglars can enter the premises from various points.

Use alarms

If possible, skip basic alarms and go straight to the high-end models that allow you to purchase subscription plans for a direct line to the local police. When these alarms go off, law enforcement officers are immediately dispatched to your store.

These alarms must be integrated with your security system. They will go off any time your motion sensors are triggered.

Use preventive security measures

Of course, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by employing security measures that prevent criminals from even attempting to break into your store in the first place. Activate electrically charged fences at night. Post warning signs about it as well as informing them that they are about to enter a CCTV secured zone.

If all these security precautions are in place then burglars would take one look at your store and move on to the next target. Your store just isn’t worth the risk!

Post time: 05-25-2017