MACY’S NYC – Window Display Review – Make Your Window Sell™

Each display case is a case in itself, it is definitely possible to deliver on the basics of window merchandising but you must know how to adapt to the real needs of each showcase.

I usually don’t review department stores because most of the times their windows are not made exclusively for selling a specific product but often have more products for different brands that’s why their approach can be more “cold & simple” and scenographic..

Macy’s is a department store, this means that their needs are different from those of a smaller store, and often the choices exhibition relate to something more dramatic than that something functional.

That ‘s what people expect from Macy’s and other department stor, because he knows that within the choice is very wide.

We can say that the windows have a different role here: to captivate and capture the attention remains but is more closely related to what you want to sell or push, is linked to a suggestion, a feeling.

In this review i’ll talk about:

-Conceptual Windows
-Wide target
-Weak focus on specific product

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Post time: 08-23-2017