Make The Most Of The Space You Have – Shelving Solutions!

Boost Your Revenue With Innovative Shelving Solutions!

It may be heading towards the end of the summer holidays, however there is still a bank holiday to come. This is an opportunity to make the most of your store, and drive some additional sales, while people are still in holiday spirit, and the weather has the potential to be warm meaning you can seize on some opportunities that might not always be present!

The way that a shop or store is laid out, can have a profound effect on the sales of products, the shelving that a business uses; and utilising this to its fullest potential, is a key factor in this, in order to ensure that the best possible return on investment is seen.

Consumers are likely to impulse buy when they are amongst other things, hungry. Buy laying your store out in a way that means they have to go past fresh produce – bakery goods for example, so that they catch the smell of these and buy when they wouldn’t necessarily do so normally. A lot of research has looked at this, and in terms of food shopping etc, it is the kind of technique that can be used very successfully.

Similarly, the location of products near related items is also a good way to boost sales. If you can make correct use of impulse display shelving, then you can seriously improve your sales figures. Impulse display stands give you an extra element of flexibility when it comes to store layout and shelving layout, as they tend to be easily manoeuvrable and as such you can position them in areas of the store that has similar products and will convince people to make purchases that are related.

Having offers on visible display as part of the shoppers’ journey around the store is another way to get further sales from the goods on offer. A theory known as the fear of loss, where the consumer sees products on offer what is perceived to be an unbeatable offer that may not last long, spurs them into a purchase, which they may not have necessarily made prior to this shopping trip

The usage of shelving solutions in a retail business is important to make sure that the customer buys products in the first instance of being in the store, but also to create an opinion, that shopping in your store is easy and convenient. If the initial experience is a good one, then the customer is far more likely to make a return to the store.

Overall, it is important to make sure that you give careful thought to the shelving solutions that you use within your store. The right shelving can boost your sales and a well laid out store will appeal to customers meaning they are more likely to make repeat visits and as such the long term benefits for your store will be great!

Post time: 05-28-2017