Make Your Window Display Count

For many retail stores, window displays are their most powerful form of advertisement. Walk-by and drive-by traffic is the most important population to appeal to. Though every passer-by may not be the right demographic for your particular products, those customers who are need only take a few steps to be inside the store. They don’t need to travel any further to browse your merchandise, unlike those watching a commercial on the couch at home, or those who see a billboard on the other side of town. Though these other forms of advertisement are great, if you can afford them, window displays are cheap to maintain and are an effective way to display the general concepts and products your store provides.

The larger the display window, the better, but regardless of the size, the display should never be crammed with too many items. There should be a backing, like a set wall, that divides the window display items from the rest of the store. Window displays are far more effective if people can easily focus on the display items in the foreground, rather than the multitude of items beyond. Choose a few items, or outfits that represent the best of your stores merchandise, and space them evenly and prominently between the window and the backing. It is also important to have good lighting on the merchandise. Whether you can afford nice track lighting or not, the products need to be well lit in order to attract the eyes of those passing by. A window display is worthless if the items are not well lit.

The products you choose should be focused on a theme or centered on a particular product. For example, if you own a clothing store and want to promote your summer line, maybe the display can show of two or three mannequins with bathing suits or wearing shorts and tank tops. Maybe there is a particular product you want to focus your advertising on. If this is the case, feature that product with any accessories or similar products around it. Whatever theme or products you choose, the items need to be as relevant as possible to each other.

Changing your window store display regularly is another key part to being successful. Once a month is a good general rule for changing the display, but it can never be changed too often. The more often customers walk by and see new products, the more products they are exposed to. Don’t waste this invaluable form of advertisement that costs very little to maintain, the time spent to keep it looking nice is extremely worth it.

Post time: 05-07-2017