Mannequins – Not Just For Clothing

All across the world retailers use mannequins throughout their stores to display clothing items. From full size realistic mannequins to mannequin heads or forms, mannequins have found their way as a solid foundation for retail display designers. In fact, mannequins are so popular in the retail garment industry that they are beginning to invade other retail designs that are not focused on clothing sales. They are simply good visual marketing tools for a myriad of situations. Retailers unrelated to the clothing sales are using mannequins to catch the customer’s glance or help set a mood or atmosphere.

Product scenes are becoming popular in several retail environments, for example, a mannequin might stand at a dinner scene in mid motion of setting the table, displaying dinnerware or flatware. Mannequins operating machinery or using tools are also becoming popular in technical or tool oriented retail sales. By using a mannequin to display how these products can be used, the customer will quickly visualize their own use of these products. Retailers are looking for inventive ways to display their products so that the customer can easily identify with their products in this way. Since mannequins have served so well with clothing visual display, why not with other products that people use?

Retail displays are not the only places mannequins are now being found. For movie screenings and art exhibits, mannequins adorned in appropriate costumes serve as welcome staff or decoration. This is a great addition to a presentation and helps set a good atmosphere. Even police departments are using mannequins to deter drivers from speeding, by placing them on highways, holding false radar detectors. There are unlimited arenas mannequins can serve. Candy stores can use them to hold samples, dressed with an apron, or furniture stores can use them to set a nice living room scene. Display designers from every realm are seeking inventive ways to utilize this foundational visual display fixture, and they are having huge success.

Though mannequins are still most commonly used for clothing retail, they are also an extremely valuable tool for so many inventive visual marketing displays. Businesses around the world are beginning to figure this out. The human eye loves mannequins for some reason. They are intriguing to the point that most customers will notice them, and for this reason, are a huge asset to the display design world, regardless of category. If you are a clothing retailer and do not believe in the use of mannequins, then realizing the amazing things mannequins are doing for so many other display environments should show you that they are incredibly valuable assets. Don’t underestimate what they can do for your display.

Post time: 03-22-2017