May is Gold Month: Important Tips for Capitalizing on Gold Month Promotions

Jewelry retailers across the country are gearing up for May 1, the official start of gold month 2006. Since 2004, jewelers have used May as a platform to reach customers considering purchases for Mother’s Day, graduation, first communion, confirmation and the bridal season. In addition to the gift-giving opportunities, the campaign is also designed to inspire self-purchase, encouraging customers to update their spring and summer wardrobe with new styles of gold jewelry.

Retailers should think beyond products when they are considering ways to attract new business during gold month 2006. Because the ‘May is Gold Month’ event is really still in its infancy, it is important to establish an in-store theme to inform customers of the occasion, and any promotions the store is running in conjunction.

Here are a few tips to consider when preparing to attract new business during gold month this year:

Tell the World: Use retail signs in and outside the jewelry store to advertise gold month to people passing by. If customers are out shopping for a unique gift, they will be more likely to visit your jewelry store if there’s a retail sign telling them about your promotion.

Show them What You’ve Got: Consider a specialty jewelry display case that showcases a wide array of items featured for gold month. A special display case will be beneficial well beyond a gold month promotion. It will allow your store to highlight hand picked products for special events throughout the year.

Send the Message Home: Reinforce the gold month theme by using all gold colored jewelry packaging in the month of May. Consider custom printed jewelry boxes, shopping bags and gift bags, as well as the packaging extras like ribbons and bows to keep your store and gold month fresh in the customer’s mind.

“May is Gold Month” is your opportunity to set your company aside and capitalize on a customer base that is ready to buy. Be at your best by creating an environment that brings them in and keeps them coming back throughout the year. For additional inspiring ideas and products for your jewelry store, visit

Post time: 07-08-2017