Merchandise Displaying Methods to Increase Your Sales

Proper displaying of your merchandise is a low cost way to increase your sales. The thing to remember is to catch the customers eye. Whether that customer is walking past your store or already inside the store it’s key that you attract them to your products.

For bulk items, it’s stack, stack and stack higher. Note how the big box stores display their products. Popular, fast selling items and low priced items in the front of the store. Stacked high of course. They also use aisle corners for high demand and low priced products. You want your high demand products with low pricing to be boldy in view. The customer spots it, picks up this popular item and continues shopping, only now the customer has a mental image that your store has giving him a good buy. A positive consumer in your store spends more so the plan is to continue his spending in your store.

For small items, you cannot stack, but you can show you have quantity. For example a large area of similar color jewelry displays can be used to display particular gemstones. Divide your colored jewelry displays and gemstones into sections. Darker gemstones on lighter color jewelry displays and lighter gemstones on darker jewelry displays. Always have your displays full, even if you have to duplicate a piece. If displaying in jewelry gift boxes then set up every square inch with the jewelry boxes filled with your jewelry. Locate your better selling jewelry in countertop showcases on the corners or in front of your store.

A full display, whether it’s in jewelry gift boxes or stacked in bulk gives the impression that you carry a large quantity of stock. Upon seeing this, the consumer comes to the conclusion that since you have a large quantity, you must be selling plenty of product. Consumers enjoy buying from a business that is doing well. The thought process being, businesses that do well must have a reason for doing well such as having good products, great selections, low prices. So display and stack, best selling and low priced items in locations that greet the customer upon entering. Show off your products, show off your quantity and have your product catch the customers eye.

Post time: 02-03-2017