Merchandising Shoes

Merchandising a shoe wall in your store may seem like a simple task, but there are a few things that you should consider to maximize sales.

Your first step is to empty the gridwall or slatwall that you have designated for your shoe store display. Make sure that you have all of the gridwall accessories and slatwall accessories that you will need to properly display the number of shoes that you are promoting.

Next, you will want to lay out the shoes that you hope to sell. Make space on the floor so that you can space everything out and get a good look at what you have. Making a list can also help you keep everything straight while you come up with your marketing strategy.

A popular way to display shoes on gridwall or slatwall is to separate men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes. This way, your customers will not have to search through shoes that they are not interested in to get what they want.

Another way to arrange shoes is by function. Boots and hiking shoes can go in one section. Walking shoes can be separated out. Running shoes generally can go by themselves. Dress shoes and sandals are another section that you may have. Arranging shoes this way also helps people to compare the styles of shoes that they are considering with their function in mind.

Arranging by brand and price is also a popular method. Most stores prefer to put their newest or more expensive styles at the front of the store. If your shoe gridwall or slatwall is at the back of the store, put your most expensive or newest styles at eye level. Another way to get extra attention for these hot items is to set up a display table in front of your gridwall or slatwall so that they catch the customer’s attention on their way to the shoe wall displays. This method can help boost sales of new merchandise because the newer styles and more expensive items are generally more attractive. If someone sees them first, then everything else may pale in comparison and they will hopefully choose the more expensive items in your store.

Arrange your gridwall and slatwall with enough room between shoes that it does not get crowded. This will help draw the eye and be inviting to your customers. When you get your shoe display set up, you can really take advantage of the conveniences that your gridwall and slatwall provides.

Post time: 02-01-2017