Merchandising Visual

In these tough economic times companies are looking for individuals who can work independently and maintain a professional outlook without constant tutoring. There are companies looking to employ people who can work as a contractual merchandiser in every state in the US. If you work well without supervision then these companies are looking for you. Your goal in life should be to join this very profitable and fulfilling career of merchandising. Have you ever wondered who erects and maintains the displays in department stores. Lets just take a moment to visualize this. Every store that you have ever entered has some type of display. Just imagine if you were the person providing the majority of these displays. The pay per display on an average is $130 dollars. Now if you erect a display and maintain it throughout it’s predetermined duration date, then you are paid $130 dollars for that project. Lets say you had 10 displays in which you erected and maintained for a duration of one week. Lets do the math. 10 displays per week at $130 dollars per display.

This equates to $1300 dollars per week. Now calm down and let me explain something to you. It takes a little time to really get proficient at setting up and maintaining numerous displays.

You can not jump into maintaining 10 displays at once. So lets get realistic. Have you had any retail experience? If not, you need to read up on how to read a planogram. This is the actual diagram, blueprint, or merchandising visual, if you will, for erecting a specific display. This is the only experience you will need to get started in this lucrative field of merchandising. So lets read up on how to setup and maintain a display, then reap the rewards of an experienced merchandiser.

Post time: 08-09-2017