Minimizing Costs In Developing Table Top Displays

Developing table top displays for a trade show event can be an interesting endeavor to undertake. There are so many features and options these days that you can surely spend hours, days and even months just deciding which bells and whistles you may like to include. But the costs for all of those bells and whistles can add up quickly. Minimizing costs before, during and after the development stage is just as important as creating pop up displays that are interesting, eye-catching and a positive projection for the products or services being provided.

Saving On Banner Stands From The Beginning

When initially creating and putting forth ideas for pop up displays, be sure to let your event professional and designer know that you are trying to minimize associated expenses. He or she will understand exactly what you are asking. The first suggestion he or she may make is to consider lightweight and easily transportable pop up displays. This can save your business money in many ways.

First, it will be light enough for employees working at the event to transport, set up and take down by themselves. Set-up and takedown labor costs can often times be pricey for larger trade show exhibits, but in the case of pop up displays, that money can be saved by doing it yourself.

Secondly, ask if portions of banner stands can be pre-engineered to save your company time and money when set-up and takedown are required. Oftentimes a professional designer will have the banner stands created in pieces so that there isn’t actually much to do the day of the event. This not only saves on expenses but also eliminates stress for everyone involved.

Save On Storage For Table Top Displays

Do you have room within your company’s building to store banner stands or table top displays? Does your business have a storage space on property? If so, it’s easy to save your company a heap of money in the long run. Those who choose to invest in and purchase new banner stands will need somewhere to store them before and after every event. If there is not ample space, consider renting exhibits to avoid the cost of storage each and every month. The price of storage can really add up, so know before making a purchase whether or not you should rent or purchase banner stands based on available space.

Consider Shipping Expenses Of Banner Stands

Shipping costs are another figure that most companies will tend to overlook or forget about when creating banner stands. The more lightweight and flexible the design of the event booth is, the cheaper the shipping will be for a company.

Make note of all costs inside and outside of the actual constructed booth itself, and save your company funds that can be used for other event marketing materials. Minimal costs here and there can really add up, but when a company is knowledgeable about these costs they can make the necessary adjustments and allocate accordingly.

Post time: 05-10-2017