Modular Racks Demo (for Dist.)

Surfboard rack and more

Great as a Snowboard Rack, Wakeboard Rack, or Kiteboard Rack!

Expandable surf rack system

Adding extra surfboard racks to your existing Nice Rack is a ‘snap’. Nice Rack is the only expandable rack system on the market.

Use anywhere

Proudly show your boards in your home, garage, bedroom, board shop, shaping room, or merchandising display.


-Add extra surfboard racks to your existing Nice Rack with a ‘snap’. Nice Racks are designed to lock together to maximize space while remaining stylish. The only limit to the size of your rack is the size of your wall!
-Each rack is made of high quality 100% RECYCLED ABS Plastics.
-The top of each rack is foam padded to protect your board from dings and blemishes.
-The two piece system is designed to maximize strength and allow the rack to be easily moved to another wall.
-The Nice Rack system was designed with shortboards in mind, MOUNTING BOARDS GREATER THAN 25 lbs IN WEIGHT IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Please see our longboard and SUP racks to store these boards!

Post time: 10-04-2017