New Realities Make Electronic Signs a Smart Choice for In-Store Ads

There was a time when using electronic signs for in-store advertising was considered too expensive. It was thought that the return on investment (ROI) was too small to make digital signs worthwhile for anyone but large retail outlets. Furthermore, the simpler technology and high-bandwidth we enjoy now were not available then.

Predictions of phenomenal growth in the digital signage industry were made as far back as 2002. These bold visions were contradicted by slower than expected growth, which did not help advance the industry. Times have changed. Many factors have combined to make today’s’ electronic signs financially and technically accessible to retailers of all sizes.

Why Electronic Signs Are Gaining Traction

The use of electronic signs for in-store advertising has been on the upswing for some time now. For those of you who have not yet introduced this technology into your retail or service environment, the following points should convince you of its value.

The cost of the technology required for effective digital signs has come down, while the quality of output has improved.

  • The technology itself has gotten easier to use. Many vendors of electronic signs provide options for you to quickly create and upload your own content.
  • TCP/IP has made it possible to send content to multiple retail locations for a much lower cost.
  • The ROI is high. Studies have proven conclusively that electronic signs increase sales. Point of Purchase Advertising International is just one of many organizations to have found a positive impact on sales from digital signage.

Beyond Dollars and Cents | The Added Value Of Electronic Signs

Now that we have established that the ROI for electronic signs is strong, we can talk about the value-added aspects of digital signage.

  • It is engaging. In our media-driven culture, static signs and images simply have less impact than multimedia displays.
  • It is flexible. The right vendor of digital signs will put you in the driver’s seat, meaning that you will be able to control your content and easily change it when you need to.
  • It is fast. There is no need to wait for new signage to be printed. With electronic signs, you can upload an entirely new advertising campaign in a matter of minutes.
  • It contributes to the customer experience. Anytime you can improve the customer experience in your store you are enhancing your brand. Electronic signs draw traffic to your store and can help you gain valuable word of mouth advertising.

Electronic Signs Fit Many Kinds of Retail Environments

Research has shown that electronic displays are ideally suited to many sectors:

Retail – everything from large department stores to convenience stores

  • Hospitality – hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues
  • Large Public Spaces – malls, airports, train stations
  • Specific Service Providers – banks and medical/dental offices

Why is digital signage so versatile? It lends itself well to customization and it is inherently scalable. The solution you select for your business can be easily adapted to your needs and budget. You can opt for full-scale animations and music or a simple video with no sound.

With the right design and content, your electronic signs will have a positive impact on your customers and an even bigger effect on your bottom line.

Post time: 09-13-2017