New Store Design: Display Cases and Store Fixtures

When opening a new store it is important to determine how you will divide up the space. If you are starting completely from scratch you walk in and see a blank space, or a clean slate. Where do you begin?

You will need to determine which areas are for your workspace, your showroom, and your sales area. Consider your theme and vision for your store. What do you want it to look like?

A great place to start is to consider what display cases and store fixtures you would like to use. No matter what you are selling you will want to have some kind of a cash wrap and register counter. Do you want your register area to be a display area or simply a solid counter? Is one straight counter space what you’re looking for or is a square cash wrap more your style? This will help to determine where your sales area will be. A straight counter would be placed against a wall while a square wrap would be placed towards the center of the floor.

What you’re selling will help to determine if you need gondola shelving, garment racks, display cases, gridwall displays or some combination of store fixtures. Choose display cases and fixtures that will be versatile in displaying all of your merchandise and will keep the look of the store fresh. Do not scrimp when purchasing your store fixtures. They are an important investment in the future of your store.

Stores are beginning to transform from the look of a stockroom with lots of product on the floor to more of a display room or showroom. Products are displayed as if in a gallery giving the stores a brighter and fresher look with more clean space. The store acts as a showroom and stylist. This new strategy with store fixtures and displays seems to attract a younger demographic while still producing sales. When selecting fixtures you might consider this and keep it simple.

Post time: 05-28-2017