Open Your Own Teen Store! Teen Store Developers can help you get you started! – Open Your Own Teen Store! Teen Store Developers will help you get you started!

Have you ever thought about owning your own business? How about a business that is part of a growing $200 Billion Dollar Industry?

With our six proven business models we have helped nearly 3,000 entrepreneurs just like you start their own successful business. We teach you everything you need to know in order to give your store the very best chance of success. Find out how we can help you next. View this brief video for more information!

We’ve become the world’s largest teen store developer by providing the seven core services that every business needs to succeed; these include financial assistance, site location assistance, lease negotiation, complete build-out of your store, comprehensive training, a wholesale purchasing network, plus total support for the life of your business.
You get all of these great services, more than most franchises can offer, all for one low fee and ZERO franchise fees for the life of your business. Even better, often or financial team can secure 100% financing for our clients! This means you could be your own boss without paying anything out of your own pocket.

We give you more than a franchise for a whole lot less:

Financing Assistance – We’ve secured 100% financing for hundreds of entrepreneurs including all starting costs. In fact we’ve secured over $14 million in the last two years! We offer traditional and non-traditional financing options including; mortgage refinancing, HELOC, 401K/IRA Rollovers, Secured CD Loans, SBA Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Store Fixture Leasing, Web Based Lenders, Qualified Partners, Personal Loans & Signature Loans.

Site Location Assistance – Our in house realty team is experienced at finding premium locations and negotiating incredible leases. While many real estate agents are only interested in showing you their listings and securing a commission, our staff is 100% on your side. We would rather tell you “no” than place your store in a bad location. We contact every shopping center owner and utilize many more tools to identify all sites in your market in order to secure the absolute best store location possible. We perform demographic and traffic count studies to ensure sufficient population base and high visibility. We look for locations with anchors such as a major grocery store and regional or national department stores.

Negotiating Your Lease Agreement — We have a team of experienced leasing professionals in every geographic area in the country. They aggressively negotiate over 17 provisions of the lease in order to maximize your advantage. Often landlords will try to sneak in provisions that may end up costing you a lot over time. We make absolutely sure that your lease is properly negotiated, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Complete Build-Out of Your Store – We will fly a Build-Out Supervisor to your store site. We will assemble all your fixtures including shelving units, cash counters and display units. We will stock all your merchandise and install the interior signage and grand opening banners. We will hand you the keys to the front door and you are in business in less than a week.

Comprehensive Training Before Your Opening – One of the main reasons a business can fail is lack of experience. You will have the benefit of a comprehensive business training program that will ensure that by the time you open your doors you are 100% competent, confident, and ready to start. Get more details of our comprehensive training program by viewing the attached video.

Wholesale Purchasing Network — We provide access to a network of suppliers and negotiate deals to ensure you always get rock-bottom prices. These are the same suppliers that popular chains and franchises use, but because we never charge any franchise fees and there is no expensive franchise overhead you can sell this popular merchandise for less. Our team of buyers at Teen Store Developers are always looking for the newest trends and securing the best deals on the items teenagers will be buying in the future.

Total Support for the Life of Your Business! — You have a huge advantage over your competition with our continuing support service. You have the benefit of our extensive experience for the lifetime of your business for promotional and business concerns, and anything else you may need. We check up on all of our customers almost daily and you can call us at anytime and we are always happy to help.

You get all of this and we never charge a franchise fee!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us help you begin your journey toward independent Teen Store ownership! — call today: 1-866-272-7177 or visit and fill out the easy, online form to get started.

Post time: 08-22-2017